PolyFlush™ Glass appears in different colors when viewing at various angles. The glass seemed to have metal contaminants, but on the contrary, it is only a thin layer of specialty sheet.  With no oxidation problem and provides up to 99% UV protection, this is an attractive, eye-catching material with a unique presentation that will enhance most glass displays.

During daylight, the glass reflects off sunlight to produce a golden glint when viewed at a different angle. When viewed from the interior, purple and blue shades occurs.


  • Architecture: Hotel, villa, office, meeting room, shower cabinet, curtain wall, scientific and technological house, commercial building.
  • Service: Exhibition center and trade hall.
  • Furniture: The kitchen cupboard, dinner table, doors, and windows.
  • Entertainment: Special-effect, art performing place.


  • GLASS TYPE:Annealed, tempered, curved…etc (All laminated)
  • THICKNESS:7mm(3mm+3mm) to 39mm (19mm+19mm)
  • SIZE:1,370mm x 20M by Roll for film (GLASS SIZE:Up to 1,370mm x 3,800mm and more)
  • SHAPE:Any shape, including holes anywhere
  • UV protection:99.%

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